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We partner with marketing companies to serve their clients with video games.

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Gamify partners with marketing agencies around the world to create mini-branded games for their clients. These games have been proven to, on average, increase traffic, user engagement, email databases and voucher redemption over seven times more effectively than standard video alone.

  • Create hype around your brand
  • Increase email database
  • Product education
  • Increase voucher repetition
  • Get organic shares on social media
  • Track analytics, plays, time-spent & click-through rates

Our back-end game engine has been used by thousands and our base engine is now the trusted back-end for the largest web platform in the world; Wix.com with over 100 million clients. If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Case Study – KFC

Sell products through voucher redemption

KFC Marketing Campaign


To create excitement over a new product and to sell product.


  • Target hit in less than 2 weeks
  • 22% of people who played used the voucher (reward)
  • Over 854,000 plays

Case Study – Wendy’s

Organic shares on social media

Wendys Marketing Campaign


To engage clients and connect with social media.


  • 70 second average engagement
  • 89% completed game
  • 7% who completed shared on social media
  • 181% more effective than previous video campaign

Case Study – Property Ladder


New Zealand Home Loans
Property Ladder / Gamify Marketing Campaign & Game


To promote sponsorship and Facebook shares.


  • 78% average game engagement
  • 97% completed game
  • 9% shared on Facebook


Nathan Frater Founder of Outliers in Orbit

“I’ve been using Gamify for my clients and marketing agency and across the board have seen amazing feedback. High quality leads have been generated and I will use again.”

Nathan Frater
Founder of Outliers in Orbit
Auckland, New Zealand

Tina Chou - OMD Worldwide

“Gamify understands the importance of how to truly connect human to brand, whilst still understanding the nuggets of technological excellence with programmatic/machine learning to ensure your brand’s communications is always relevant.”

Tina Chou
OMD Worldwide, Global Agency of the Year
Omnicom Media Group, Europe Director
London, UK

Klara Kuekmann Derwent Executive, Marketing Coordinator

“I love Gamify. As a marketer, I’m seeing shifts in clients wanting to engage with their favourite brands and games are the ones fulfilling this need.”

Klara Kuekmann
Derwent Executive, Marketing Coordinator
Sydney, Australia

Scott Bell, Brown Paper Bag Marketing, CEO

“Amazing. I would recommend Gamify tools to any marketing agency or any company looking for Branded Games.”

Scott Bell,
CEO, Brown Paper Bag Marketing
Auckland, New Zealand

Matt Ellwood - True Marketing Group - Creative Technologist

“Working with Gamify meant that we did not have to re-invent the wheel when creating a game for our client. The game that we created exceeded all expectations and the support from Gamify was second to none.”

Matt Ellwood
True Marketing Group, Creative Technologist
Auckland, New Zealand

Stephanie Delhey - Designer / Marketer Sydney

“Over 86% of Australians game on a regular basis. Its still a largely untapped market. Games are not ‘Ads’ that ‘take’ our attention but rather something we want to engage with. This is why some of the largest brands in the world continue to use Gamification. Its guaranteed engagement.
Gamification is changing the way we market and Gamify is the one providing the tools.”

Stephanie Delhey
Designer / Marketer
Sydney, Australia

Marketing Companies We’ve Worked With

Outliers in Orbit

Direct Customer

  • Gamify works through marketing agencies. If you haven’t worked through a marketing agency before we can find one according to your budget, location and needs. Allow us to give you a free quote.
  • Work with an agency who will suit your brand
  • Customise your marketing campaign to maximise effectiveness
  • Get support and ideas which could save you money

Marketing Agency

  • At Gamify we specialise in training marketers to use our award-winning multimillion dollar software to produce world class mini-games for your clients. This saves you time, money & puts you in control of the whole process.
  • Simple
  • Cost effective with generous partnership program
  • Digital toolkit & on-going support
  • Case studies and monthly updates on most effective marketing campaigns

WIX Users

  • Gamify has created a game engine to power the back-end of the largest ‘do it yourself’ web platform in the world – WIX. With over 100 million clients Wix asked us to create a platform with their clients. It’s a great way to see how fast we can create your client a world-class mini branded game.
  • Create your own game quickly
  • Create mock games to show your clients how they could look

Heads of Department

Jonny Shannon Co-Founder / CEO Co-Founder of Pushpay

Jonny Shannon
Co-Founder / CEO
Co-Founder of Pushpay

Tony Walden: Co-Founder / Managing Director

Tony Walden
Co-Founder / Managing Director

Matt Bates: Marketing Adviser:

Matt Bates
Marketing Adviser

David Dashward: Finical Adviser

David Dashward
Financial Adviser

Yuta Iguchi Head of Game Design, Japan

Yuta Iguchi
Head of Game Design, Japan

Matt Tan, Head of Game Design, Australia

Matt Tan
Head of Game Design, Australia

Stephen Knighly: Game Adviser: Managing Director of In-game

Stephen Knighly
Game Adviser
Managing Director of In-game

Mario Wynands: Game Adviser: Coded Sing-Star & Guitar Hero

Mario Wynands
Coded Games like
NRL, Oreo, Sing-Star & Guitar Hero

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